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Why SMS Blaster
How Hospitals can Use SMS Blaster Software?
  • Administration department – Automated Meeting reminders, Announcements, Automated Birthday
    wishes to staff members.
  • Reception – Welcome and get well message, treatment and insurance status to patients.
  • HR Department – Duty alerts, motivational quotes, important circulars.
  • Blood Bank – Can use SMS to alert or request for rear groups from NGOs and public.
  • Marketing – Health tips through SMS, rapport with Doctors, Public awareness on important days i.e.
    Cancer day, tobacco day …..
  • Reminders to patients for timely preventive check-ups.
  • Alerts to parents for vaccination.
  • Tip-of-day to chronic patients.
  • Tips related to environment (e.g. pollen count, SPM ).
  • Information to doctors on new research.
  • Alerts to patients on promotional schemes (e.g. free diabetes test this weekend).
  • Patients can query doctor/ambulance availability/test reports.
  • Alerts to patients on change of appointment.
  • Alerts to specialists on being assigned to an in-patient.
  • Collect and send critical information to the pharma sales force.
  • Doctor update on appointment schedules and meetings
  • Marketing communications for patients
  • Blood donor information and alerts
  • Infant immunisation alerts for parents
  • Performance alerts for doctor owners
  • Stock related queries for pharmacists and store managers
  • Maintenance schedules for engineers
  • Monthly performance figures to shareholders
  • Instant message to duty staff
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